1. Tell us a little about yourself.  What do you do in your life?  Work, hobbies, interests?
Computer scientist. Literature, astronomy, writing, all-round knowledge and forms, all centered around the two hinges or polar stars of my existence, companion and cats.

2. How was your adolescence?
Normal, as it may be for each of us, in its characteristic of being an extremely chaotic period.

3. You live in Rome.  Tell us about your city.  What are the places you love most?
Actually I have a wild spirit, I like contexts where animals can freely express their being.

4. Like our EOP and friend Marianna Zampieri you are also a cat photographer.  Why cats?  What binds you to them?  What do you like about them?
First of all she is, in addition to being a great photographer, a person who knows and manages to make her feline shots speak, I learned a lot from her.  I portray cats because they are part of my world and of me, they link me to their way of approaching life and all the experiences together.

5. Your merit and defect?
It is the same, seen from two opposite points of view, to get to the bottom of things, as much as possible.

6. How do you make your photos?
With smartphones and compact cameras, at the lower limits of possibilities, I am interested in pure emotions, discreetly hatched and on tiptoe playing on light and shadow, and leaving an area of ​​twilight, a silent refuge.
And to look for an intimate language, something not written but familiar and who can speak or rather feel the emotional relationship between animals and humans.

7. Do you have pets?  Have you always had any?  Do you have any childhood memories related to them?
Now “I have” nine cats, all to varying degrees in encounters and rescues, in the second phase of my existence, but known and experienced more, I don’t like numbers.
It was a “casual” encounter with the former, even if in reality it was a mutual need.

8. Tell us about your passion for writing.  Were you able to turn it into a job?  Would you like it?
I don’t think so, I like to think of writing as an inner need, free from constraints or limits, in short, without compromise.

9. Your thoughts on life, emotions or love?
On life, emotions and love (in all forms) I can tell you that there are situations that bind people or even people and animals in such a profound way that words are no longer needed to exchange parts of oneself.

10. A thought of yours dedicated to the dawn of a new day?
May it bring wisdom and compassion.

11. Your 3 favorite songs?
I have no favorite songs, it depends on the state of mind and circumstance.

12. What do you hope 2020 brings you?  Do you have dreams in the drawer?
I don’t know, I live day by day.

13. What are your favorite writers?  What books would you recommend?
The classics, or in any case a choice dictated by instinct or heart, or by curiosity.
Any book that feeds us is fine.

14. What are your thoughts in the evening before falling asleep?
To have done something good.  Not for myself.

15. If you could get into a painting, which one would you choose?
Undoubtedly in a painting by William Turner.

16. What are your biggest fears?
Losing empathy.

17. If at this moment you look up and look around, which object catches your attention?
A pillow on which a seriously ill cat of mine slept.

18. Your memory full of emotion?
Every time I’ve tried to make a difference. Succeeding or failing.

19. What is the thing that makes you most angry?
Undoubtedly indifference and abuse.

20. How do you like to define yourself?
Unknowable and simple, curious and awkward.  Dreamer.
Or none of this, we are what others think they see in ourselves.


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