Nsme: Craig Richard
Age: 42
I live in: Peachland, BC Canada

Instagram: @moustachecronicles

1 compliment = 1 selfie

1. What do you do for a living? How long have you been doing it and how did you get it?
I’m an asset optimization specialist, I’ve been doing it for about 10 years now and I kind of fell into it.  I’m a millwright by trade but I’ve evolved into corporate culture change and influencing organizations.

2. Tell us about your Instagram profile. One complment=one selfie. How did this idea come about?
My profile happened out of the blue one day.  I was complimented 3 separate times very close together and I thought there has to be away to show my appreciation for the compliments I was receiving.  And @moustachechronicles was born…when ever I recieved a compliment I always ask to take a selfie.

3. Based on your experience, do you think there are more kind or nasty people in the world?
I think that most people, provided the correct stimuli are a kind…but I also think that some bloodlines are meant to be cruel.  Some people are just meant to be bad and make harmful choices no matter what opportunities they have had.

4. Are you optimistic or pessimistic? 
I am an optimists and most of the time it is hard work!

5. Do you like traveling? What are the most beautiful places you’ve seen in your life?
I traveled while working for well over a decade and to be honest, one of the most beautiful places I have been is my home town, Peachland BC.  Amazing lake and mountain views.

6. What message would you like people to get stuck in the head?
You’d be surprised how far a smile can take you.

7. How important is irony in life?
Recognizing irony and appreciating it is somewhat important…but it is usually lost on people.

8. If you could enter a painting, which would you like to enter?
I have a large painting of a Koi fish pond that I absolutely love, I look at it when I need to relax and find my calming center…

9. How do you imagine yourself in 20 years?
I can’t see myself changing too much, I’m pretty happy with where I’m at!

10. Your dream in the drawer?
I’ve always wanted to be a professional actor…I’ve been an amateur for years and I love the feeling of going out on stage.

11. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the place where you live? Have you ever thought about changing your life and going to live in other place? 
Where I live now the mild winters are fantastic…I’m moving to Calgary Alberta for more job opportunities and better hours…I’m the type of person that looks forward to change.

12. What do you think each person should do to make the world a better place?
Put themselves in other people’s shoes

13. What do you think about Italy?
Beautiful sights, sounds and people

14. If you could talk an hour with a person of your choice in the world (living or not), who would you choose? 
My grandparents to find out more about my past.

15. Where do you go to stay in peace?
I find that I feel centered at the gym, riding a snowboard or a motorcycle.

16. Do you get more compliments from men or women?
Definitely men, they love the soup strainer.

17. The last time you felt a strong emotion?
Everyday there are situations that emit strong emotional reactions from me…it’s a wonderful thing to care so deeply for someone or some thing that it feels like physical pain.

18. A perfect day?
Everyday is perfect if you have the right attitude.

19. What is the thing that makes you more angry?
Greed, especially from politicians

20. Are you an unpredictable or routine person?
Both, my job demands predictability but I love to surprise people when they least expect

21. A funny episode you lived?
Lately my life has been influenced by some amazing coincidences and I have taken chances that I normally wouldn’t have.  From meeting an old flame to realizing a business opportunity…you need to take risks to release your full potential.

22. What is your favorite movie scene?
The notebook where its Noah and Allie…romance gets me every time!

23. Mustaches help you succeed with women?
HAHA I’m not sure, It has helped me break free of my inhibitions and just be myself.

24. Will you ever cut the mustache?
I can’t see me doing that now, my father had one for years and I’ve never seen him with out it…I figure I will carry on the tradition!


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