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1. You were born in Poland and lived your childhood there.  A memory dear to you linked to that period?
Summer holidays in the garden of my paternal grandparents.  I spent whole days climbing trees and playing with my cousins.

2. Why do you leave your country and why the choice of Italy?
In Poland I was studying law and at the end of the fifth year I realized that it didn’t work for me… during that last year I started getting passionate about Italy … about its history, cuisine, architecture and  especially the language … I had no doubts, I wanted to know this country;) And then after graduation I decided to spend the sabbatical year right in Italy 🙂

3. How are Italians more different from Poles?
They are more sunny and optimistic … it is a stereotype that all Poles are sad and pessimistic but I must say that it corresponds enough to reality.

4. You are a blogger and a tour guide.  In your blog you describe the wonders of our region, Liguria.  What do you think are the absolutely unmissable destinations for those who come here the first time?
Certainly the famous ones such as Cinque Terre, Portofino, San Fruttuoso, Portovenere.  But I think that the hinterland, especially that of the western Liguria, is extremely interesting (and still not invaded by tourists).  It is worth seeing places like Valloria, Zuccarello, Triora, Bussana Vecchia or Ceriana and getting to know a little different Liguria.

5. Your favorite Ligurian dish?
I will be unoriginal … trofie with pesto 🙂

6. A tip for those who come on vacation here?
Try to visit something more than the Cinque Terre and Portofino;)

7. As a tour guide, what type of clientele mainly caters to you and what type of tour do you offer?
There is no rule.  I accompany both couples and groups of 40 people.  So far everyone has been interested in visiting the Cinque Terre or Portofino, but I hope that, with my blog and with the arrival of new groups, I will be able to convince other people to visit something different.

8. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the Ligurians?
Pros: It is a people who have an incredible spirit.  After all the misfortunes that have struck Liguria, they resist!  Faults: They are quite wary of “strangers” and it is a bit difficult to gain their trust (I speak from experience) but when they know you better, they are wonderful 🙂

9. Is there a place you are particularly attached to?
Venice, where I lived a year … I think it is the most beautiful place ever.

10. The best dinner you’ve ever had?
Historic “Rules” restaurant in London.

11. The 3 favorite songs?
“Dni których nie znamy” Marek Grechuta (I cry every time when I listen to it, even if, strangely, it’s not a sad Polish song


“Ulysses” Franz Ferdinand (a real leitmotif when I met my husband);


“Meravigliosa Creatura” Gianna Nannini (my very first discovery of Italian music)


12. A dream in the drawer?
Write a book.

13. With this quarantine that forces us all home these days, how do you make time go by?
I prepare posts for my blog and do a lot of house cleaning 🙂 Our apartment has never been so clean!

14. The last time you felt really satisfied with your job?
When I received a tip that was higher than the price of my service!

15. If you could get into a painting, which would you want to get into?
Renoir’s “Dance at the Moulin de la Galette”.

16. The perfect souvenir to take away after being on vacation in Liguria?
Gourmet!  Pesto, Taggiasca Olive Oil, Sciacchetrà, a DOC wine from the Cinque Terre.  In my opinion the best thing is to take home all these things … I don’t know which one to choose!

17. A movie you loved?
“Goonies” by Richard Donner … I’ve probably seen it a hundred thousand times;)

18. If you had to describe yourself using adjectives, what would they be?
Introverted and pessimistic … in short, a typical Polish woman

19. What makes you most angry?
Ignorance, which unfortunately spreads.

20. The best walk you can recommend here in Liguria?
The walk between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino.  It’s a place that gives me so much peace … always;)

21. And where to go for shopping?
Here in the area undoubtedly outlet in Serravalle.

22. What do you think of Genoa?
It is a splendid city with enormous economic and tourist potential.  Unfortunately, those who govern it do not give me the impression of having any idea on how to enhance and promote it.  I think it’s a great pity.

23. If you could choose to live in another era, which one would you like to live in?
Sixties, right here, in Liguria 🙂 I think it was very fun to live here during that period, during the economic boom and with many VIPs who came here on vacation.

24. If you look up and look around, which object catches your attention?
The sofa … my best friend at the time of the coronavirus

25. What does Liguria have that you can’t find in Poland at all?
The beauty.  I mean, there are also many beautiful places in Poland, but here in Liguria and in general throughout Italy, beauty is abundant and is present almost everywhere.  In cities, in landscapes, in nature, in fashion, in culture … The Italians take it for granted and are used to it, but for a foreigner it is truly an impressive thing 🙂



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