Name: Janeco 

Janeco is our product.  We are Afina Yanur and Ilza Okta as an owner. We have one creative team she is Sri Wahyuni

I live in: Jombang -East Java – Indonesia

1. What do you do for a living? What exactly is your job?

We are selling the zerowaste product. And our Job is enterpreneur

2. Where did you learn your job and how did you start doing it?

We learn from our past experiences where we do some jom as a environment volunteer

3. Can you describe what you sell and how your products are processed?

We sell an ecoprint tottebag, pouch, bamboo and stainless straw, organic shampoo etc

4. You use eco-friendly materials.  How important is it to pay attention to this aspect today? 

This is very important. It is not just an issue… This is the real dangerous problem in the world right now. And its impossible to make a perfect life if I do it by myself. But we have to love our earth. Because we have no other earth.

5. Can the world be saved?  What does every single person have to do to help to save him?

Yes the world can be saved if every person do not use tha plastic again. Love the earth by throw the rubbish to the right place

6. What is your dream in the drawer?

We can live in peace and respect each other as the creature of God

7. Your 3 favorite songs?

Earth -Michael Jackson


Heal the world -Michael Jackson


bumi kita sendiri (indonesian song)


8. How is life in Indonesia?  Can you talk about the place you live in?

Indonesia is an awesome country for me. Because we can plant any plan in any land. We can drink the water from the river. We still can see the animal around us.

But I live in the middle of Jombang city. Its green but still to much car and motorcycle. And we still breath the pollution in the morning and evening when the job seeker going and back from their office. But I still can see the farm and any beautiful area as sunset or sunrise.

9. Do you think you’re a lucky person?  When was a time you felt happy and satisfied?

Yes I am.

One time I felt happy was when we partecipated in JAMBORE BEBAS SAMPAH 2019 in Bali

10. Do you believe in God? What is your religion?

Yes. I belive and I am Moslem

11.  What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?

In lombok when I saw many forest and farm area

12. How do you spend your days?  You work a lot?  What do you do in your spare time?

Being volunteer for children, education and environment issue is my passion so I spend my time with these all even discussion and in my work area

I do travelling and meet many peoole and think what can I do for life

13. What do you think about Italy?

I never go there.. But I think it is beutiful country… Because every country has it charisma

14. What is it like to be a woman in your country?  Have women emancipated themselves?

Very special… Because every man has to respect to women who like a mother for them. The woman emancipated themselves… But still respect to a man who will be their husband

15. What about technology? do you use it a lot? 

I just use It for my work activity… Because I like gardening, Travelling and meet people

16. Where do you go to feel in peace with yourself?

Forest, mountain, beach, waterfall, cave

17. Do you sell your products locally or do you ship worldwide?

Our dream is to sell it worldwide but we still sell it online because our mission is to sell it cheaper then every one can buy it

18. What would you tell someone to convince them to buy your products?

Love the earth

19. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?


20. What is the thing that makes you more angry in life?

When some one trhow their trash on the street

21. Which places would you recommend to see absolutely to a person who comes to your country the first time?

In Jombang I would like to ask them to visit the village in the middle of forest when you can hear the nature voice

22. I read about the change of capital in your country.   What do you think about it?

Is Jakarta really in such a difficult situation?

Its really difficult to explain it…. Because someone said it just the way that president choose to change the issue that bigger behind it… But I dont know either…

I ever live in Jakarta for 5 years and its really a mass….

But actually every problem has it ways to solved

23. Your country has been subject to several natural disasters (tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, …) Are you afraid of this?  Is the area you live in quiet?

No I am not…

24. Do you have new ideas for your work to be done in the near future?

I want Janeco as the zerowaste product can inspired many person to love the earth…

25. A message/phrase/proverb/quote that represents you?


We need the earth… But earth doesnt need us…

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