Tell us about yourself. What do you do in life and what was your training path?
Hi my name is Marta Porzi, aka Marta Inkedsoul. In my life I have changed many jobs and very little related to my training (University of Literature and Philosophy, cinema and theater) .Currently I take care of the public relations of a tattoo studio, the Black Storm Tattoo in Tivoli (Rome) and, clearly, I write my books.

My dream is to live by writing, as much as I love the tattoo universe, to travel the world and tell it through my pages.

Can you tell us about your book “Handbook for tattoo artists and piercers”?
For a period, having obtained the qualification as a tattoo artist years ago, I taught in the regional academies of Rome for the training of young tattoo artists. I quickly realized that there was no textbook for those courses nationwide and so I decided to write one.
To date, it remains the first and only preparatory manual for passing the qualification exam.
Published by Hoepli in 2017, it is complete with everything, law, biology, exercises, everything that is dealt with in the classroom and more.

Can you tell us about your book “ILLUSTRATE ME MY SOUL”?
I never thought of myself as a poet, but rather as a novelist. Even as a child, despite this, I found myself writing short poems. Not rhyme, not cadenced, simply free contemporary poetry. However, I felt the need to combine these external expressions of mine with powerful images and so I asked two talented illustrators, Maria Chiara Errico and Arianna Peres to join me in the project. The result is this little gem of words published by Eretica Edizioni in 2019. We have had some wonderful reviews, especially from people who are not lovers of poetry and I am very satisfied with this.

Do you have any rituals or habits when you write?
I don’t have actual rituals, but I am able to write anywhere, when inspiration catches me I can find myself writing down my thoughts on any type of support, including toilet paper and hands.

3 books that you would recommend?
Recommending books is complex and delicate because I am convinced that the right book, at the right time, can even change your existence. However, I can say that everyone should read, at least once in their life, the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Oceano Mare by Alessandro Baricco and Cime tempestose by Emily Bronte.
The first teaches how to grow while keeping the innocence typical of children alive and vivid.
The second teaches us to lose ourselves inside ourselves and then find ourselves again and the last, but not least, teaches us to fight for the love we feel, doing the opposite of the protagonists who are led to ruin by pride, fear and resentment.

Last tattoo done and next what would you like to do?
The last tattoo I did was the writing Mudblood, for those unfamiliar with the Harry Potter saga it is the term for Half Blood, dirty blood, used by pure blood wizards, those who in our horrible world we would call Arians, to define all the others. It is a tattoo of protest and in support of all the half-breeds in the world, of all the “different” ones, of those who are called “last” but are undoubtedly the first. The next tattoo will probably be Black Lives Matter.

If you could enter a painting which one would you choose?
I can say that my life looks a lot like an Escher painting, complex and full of stairs that you don’t know where they lead, but if I had a choice I would like to live in a painting by Monet, especially since I visited his house museum two years ago and touched the grace and peace of its water lily garden

The last time you felt beautiful?
Yesterday, I took a picture of my naked back body and I loved it incredibly

What if ….. You really became a circus performer, how do you think your life could be different today?
Without a doubt my life in the circus would have nothing to do with the one I have today, I probably would not have ties, I would not have someone to take care of, if not the show animals, for which I would fight hard in order to expel them from the circus, giving him freedom.
I guess the only constant would be writing and a love of tattoos.

What makes you the most angry in life?
I have always believed that anger was like a boomerang and came back to hit whoever threw it, so I tried to keep away from it for a long time. I have to say in vain, especially due to the political scene today. The current Italian “destra” is creating a climate of hatred, marginalization and rejection that can only be a dangerous slope towards overhangs that we have already seen. So the answer to what makes me most angry in life is ignorance, stupidity, fear with a consequent attack on the different.

If you close your eyes and think back to your adolescence, what sensations resurface? What smells, what flavors, what emotions come to your mind?
My adolescence was very short I must say, I was in a great hurry to grow up so I think I lived it little and badly. But if I had to choose with my senses, I would smell paprika, cumin, curry since it was in that age group that I discovered the joys of ethnic food, especially the Indian one that I still love.

If you could make a movie, what would it be like?
This question makes me smile because during my university period, studying cinema, I dreamed of making a film. It would have been the film adaptation of a book that I love very much called Le note Blu, by Brunella Gasperini.
It’s about a tormented love story with a tragic ending, I always thought it would have an incredible visual impact.

Some time ago I read this sentence: “Scars have the strange power to remind us that the past is real.” What relationship do you have with the past and, if you want to talk about it, what are the scars that have taught you the most?
Let’s say that I had a complex life and therefore I have many scars, more or less visible.
What I feel like sharing, and I do it every time I find myself in front of someone I feel close to the same problem, is my struggle with anorexia. I came to weigh 36 kg without even realizing it, as evidence of the fact that the head makes us convinced of unreal things when it wants, I kept seeing myself chubby. Thanks to my friends I got out and since then I testify my experience to anyone who needs it.

When, how and why did yoga come into your life?
Yoga entered my life for about a year, I had big back problems and I thought about doing some exercises. I never have stopped. I have found in this practice not only great benefits on a physical level, but a great strength and I never miss an opportunity to recommend it to everyone. It teaches us to overcome limits, not to ask, never to say “I will not make it”.

The 3 favorite songs?
Asking a music lover to choose only three songs is bad, but I’ll try to satisfy you. As Sorcina, I could not fail to mention a song by the great Renato Zero, they are all beautiful but I would say that the one that represents me the most is “Morire qui”, a great hymn to resilience.


“A case of you” by Joni Mitchell because I recognize myself a lot and reminds me of some conversations with my best friend


and finally “Take me home, country roads” which reminds us that wherever we are we can always find our way home, whatever the idea we have of home and belonging.


A film you love and why?
Here too the choice is really difficult and I have to ask for a small derogation and choose two, instead of one. My favorite films are “Brokeback Mountain” and “Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind”, I quote the original titles because I hate the bad translations they made of them. The first breaks my heart and excites me at the same time, this tormented and immortal love that does not have the courage to be lived to the end. The second dystopian and absurd makes us wonder about life choices, about what we would like, if we could, erase from our past.

A regret?
I try to live without regrets, I always say that I prefer remorse rather, but sometimes it happens, despite everything. Ten years ago I lost a friend to a cancer that took him away too young, when it got worse I didn’t have time to reach him to give him the last farewell and I arrived when they had just closed the coffin. I infinitely regret not having been able to say goodbye and not having seen his face one last time.

What do you think you’re good at?
I have done millions of things in my life, it follows that I have never specialized in any of these. But from what I’ve been told I’m good at painting pictures with words.

If you look up and observe your surroundings, which object catches your attention first?
My dog ​​Zero is now the center of my world. He is very old and sick, he cannot be left alone and we have been living in symbiosis for months. It is always the focal point of my gaze, the first thing I look for is its hairy tail and its eyes that look at me in love.

What is it that makes you laugh so coarse?
The most sincere laughs I do when I find someone more uninhibited than me, I am a great “sucker” I never conclude a concept without a dirty word, often with a sexual reference.
Finding who beats me is always a lot of fun for me.

It takes courage to ….
In my opinion, the greatest courage is needed to fight for what you believe and for those you love without worrying about the consequences.

Where do you get the inspiration for writing?
I don’t know where exactly my inspiration comes from, no doubt from what I have around me, from what I have lived, or seen, from what I discover, from what I fear. In general, I love to write about what I know.

A place in your heart?
My favorite place is definitely Bologna, what I still consider my city, even though I was not born there and only lived there for four years while at university. It is the milestone in the journey of my life, the city where I dream of returning to live one day.

How was your quarantine?
I spent the quarantine working, writing, doing what I do every day just from being at home. I must say that, net of the absurdity of the situation, it went well.

A phrase or quote that represents you?
I always thought that a phrase by Nietzsche represented me a lot “I am a forest and a night of dark trees, but whoever is not afraid of my darkness will also find slopes of roses under my cypresses”


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