Tell us about your work.  What do you do in detail and how did you get there?
My work consists of a lot of adrenaline and the scent of petrol.  I am Maverick Rossi and I am a stuntman, I am part of the third generation of stunts in the Rossi family
Is it important to keep in good physical fitness in your job?  How do you train?
Physical fitness is very important starting from a correct diet, eliminating fats and sugars.
I train 3 times a week in the weight room.
Have you ever found yourself in a situation of real danger?
Luckily no, I’ve always been lucky enough, I just broke my wrists but come on, it’s a good average given the work
What is your biggest fear and how do you deal with it?
I don’t have a particular fear also because fear is the only feeling that makes you think carefully before doing something really stupid.
Your work is definitely “particular” … What do your loved ones tell about it?  Do they care about you?
 So they work with me
I would like to see the whole world as a tourist
Favorite movies?
I intensely love V for Vendetta
Your greatest job satisfaction?
Being able to snatch a smile from a child, they are the most severe and critical segment of the public and they don’t mince words
How did you deal with the recent period of isolation we experienced due to Covid19?  How has it influenced your work?
Sofa and Netflix have ruined me;  I gained 9 kg in 2 months and they are still weighing me down today unfortunately the entertainment world is still suffering from job cuts.  The regulations have led to a clear reduction in staff.
Your greatest strength and your worst flaw?
Advantage: to be stubborn, that if I really stop on something and believe it, the world falls, I have to do it …..
Flaw: I expect too much from people and then I am disappointed.
In all honesty, I don’t have time, unfortunately, work takes me most of the day
The place you are most attached to?
The country where I spent my childhood and a “normal” life
The 3 favorite songs?
Welcome to the jungle guns
Thunderstruck acdc
Closer to the edge 30 second to mars
What makes you most angry?
When a person is rude
The perfect dinner?
My girlfriend and I in any place outside Italy to try new things.
A person you owe a lot to?
Without a doubt my father, all I know today is thanks to him, despite his bad ways of teaching he was lucky, he had a good student
Good resolutions for the future?
I’m a fucking optimist so I imagine myself filthy rich on some tropical island
A phrase that represents you?
I can go on … I go on
It is the phrase of a film …. brutally stolen


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