Aurora Lo Vetere

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living, how did you get there and what would you like to do in the future?

I am 26 years old and I define myself … ambivalent: because I am introverted but direct and sincere, because I am as calm and calm as explosive, or again because I love being in company, but don’t take that hour a day of solitude and silence from me why I might go crazy and grumpy; I oscillate between “I want to help others and save the world” and “this world sucks, for the sake of humanity it would be better if humanity itself died out”.

Selfless and also misanthropic, how is that possible? What do I know, I’m a real mess.

For a few months I have been the secretary of a medical practice, or perhaps it would be better to say of a Holistic Clinic, since I collaborate with doctors but also with yoga and meditation teachers, sound therapy, shiatsu and much more. Through so many examinations of conscience I understood that I would find my place in the world if I made myself useful in some way. I have always seen the figure of the doctor (any kind) as the most important and among the most difficult job of all, but aware of not having what it takes to be one, just the fact of being able to collaborate with them makes me satisfied at the moment.

You have studied Naturopathy. Can you tell us about this subject, which not everyone knows in depth? How does naturopathy fit into the medical field?

The Naturopath deals with the achievement of the psycho-physical well-being of the person, taking advantage of the bio-natural disciplines, the care with plants (phytotherapy), correcting the daily diet, etc.

Although in many other countries the naturopath is considered a fully-fledged therapist, here in Italy he is not recognized as it should, since it is a known branch yes, but surrounded by prejudices and false knowledge.

Unfortunately, here the naturopath is somewhat associated with the figure of the alienated hippie who does not take drugs, with dreadlocks on his head and wide linen trousers.

Actually the naturopath PREVENTS a pathological state, but cannot diagnose or treat a pathology already diagnosed, since that falls within the scope of official medicine.

To make things clear, I can treat headaches and migraines so they never come back (because according to my ideology ibuprofen doesn’t REALLY cure a headache), but I can’t treat a brain tumor. I can correct hyperglycemia, but not diabetes. A gastritis, not an ulcer and so on. My daily bread are minor ailments such as constipation, irritable bowel, digestive disorders, abdominal swelling, fatigue and asthenia etc .. Those small ailments that if not treated in the long run could one day develop a pathological picture.

What I’m passionate about naturopathy therefore is the power of prevention, so that people may not be saved at all. I think alternative therapies and medicine can coexist, as they have a common end goal, yet it’s sad to know that many in the industry snub us instead.

And now we come to your great passion … Books … How much do you read and what do you like to read?

I usually read 2-3 books a month, it depends on the length, the involvement and the time available. I even reached 6 in rare cases!

Space between many genres, but I prefer the dystopian, coming of age novels or psychology and fiction. For the moment I read very few thrillers, I loved fantasy but I have moved away from it in recent years. Finally, I am not attracted to thrillers and I stay away from romance or historical novels.

Last book read?

Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk

If you could live the story of a character in a novel, who would you want to be?

Only one???

In real life, I would like to bring out more courage as the Sole in “To launch from the stars”

Of course at Hogwarts I would be a mix of Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood

Even Arya Stark doesn’t joke if you were in Westeros

Your 3 favorite songs?

My immortal – Because Amy Lee’s voice makes me shiver and this song always makes me move


Don’t stop me now – Queen because it is impossible not to find a good mood listening to it


One key – Caparezza because it fully describes me


Do you prefer to read digitally or do you love paper?

Paper forever. The digital support is very convenient, but if I like a book, it turns out that I also buy it in paper form because I GOTTA HAVE IT and so I pay for it twice so I rely a lot on dear old libraries

Favorite writer?

You cannot ask this question to a reader! I don’t think I have one, also because many writers have accompanied me for some periods of my life and then I let them go.

For example, I had a long period of Paulo Coelho at 15 and then repudiate him years later; by J.K. Rowling would also read the shopping list while this year, for example, I discovered Elena Ferrante and Sandro Veronesi, which I am trying to learn more about. Surely I have not mentioned many others, which I will regret in a few days.

Generally the film adaptation of a book is always disappointing. What do you think about it? Are there any films that you think lived up to their print version?

I think it is almost impossible to reproduce a book 100% faithfully on film: the images created in the mind by reading are more personal than those reproduced in a film that is the same for everyone, they simply have a different impact. In addition, some emotions, feelings and thoughts of the protagonists are simply more beautiful to read and reproducing them in a maniacal way can be even boring to watch at times, I realize.

So yes, often the film adaptation is disappointing, but fortunately there are also cases in which the film is really worth seeing too! An example that comes to mind now is Wonder or The Green Mile and many others.

The opposite has even happened to me: for example, I much preferred the first season of “Thirteen Reasons why” over the book. It happens very rarely, but it does.

However, it is no coincidence that the best films are often taken from a book

If you imagine you are giving emotions a flavor, what would be the tastes of anger, joy, envy and passion?

Anger is bitter coffee, joy tastes like dark chocolate and raspberries, envy tastes like something that has little flavor but you can’t stop eating it when you start … mmm … dragon clouds?

Passion is clearly red wine.

Tell us about your Instagram profile. What do you like to publish? What is the feedback you get from your posts?

I must confess that I opened my Instagram profile out of boredom during the quarantine. But you see, I don’t call myself very social, so my personal profile would have been pretty sparse. Then one day in May I came up with the idea of talking about the hobby I dedicate more time to, so I photograph the books I read by attaching a review or simply a free thought of mine. I didn’t expect feedback at all, it started as a game and as a personal outlet, both because writing helps to take my thoughts out of my head and also because I was finally able to talk about literature, which is usually difficult for me not having many avid readers like me among my knowledge.

Unexpectedly, the followers are gradually increasing, I am knowing virtually many people who share my passion, with whom I exchange opinions and reading advice and this is the most gratifying thing.

However things will go, my profile will remain my personal creative space as long as I feel like it, I don’t impose on myself rules or pre-established columns like many others do. Who knows if it is for this spontaneity that I am receiving some appreciation!

The most beautiful ones, which made me jump out of my chair when I read the notification, were when the profile of the publishing house “La Nave di Teseo” commented on my post thanking me for the nice review written to “Il Colibrì”

I mean, are you really thanking me ?? I realized that someone actually reads what I write, without just scrolling up the photo. Incredible.

And of course also when I was contacted by you for this interview! And when it happens again!

A historical figure with whom you would like to chat?

I know it would occur to one to say Jeanne d’Arc! Napoleon! Thomas Edison! Albert Einstein! Sigmund Freud!

But I believe that I could have been the best friend of Giacomo Leopardi or Pirandello.

If you don’t like a book, do you finish it anyway or put it aside?

Set aside, thanks! I grant the benefit of 100 pages, they are more than enough to understand if a book falls within its strings. Reading must be a pleasure, a relaxing outlet, I can’t force myself to do something that I don’t like even in the time I cut out for myself, and what the hell! This awareness, however, I have gained in recent years, as a girl I forced myself to finish them.

On average, more than 60,000 titles are published in Italy every year. How do you choose what to read?

So many?? What a hard truth. Being able to read only about 30-35 a year, I usually choose what to read by leafing through the magazine Il Libraio or the monthly flyers of local bookstores to get an idea of new releases; other times I rely on the genre and then choose from the titles proposed by the search engine. One method I love is simply going to the bookstore and wasting an hour there, looking at covers, reading plots and asking shop assistants for reading advice. From this year, I also listen to the advice of other Istagrammers I follow (yes, because I discovered that there is also a jargon in which we are defined as such).

Any reading advice?

A book to read at least once in a lifetime is definitely 1984, for me.

For the rest, all the books that appear on my Instagram profile are highly recommended!

What is the first book you remember reading?

The first one I remember the most is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which I read after watching the movie.

The same thing happened with Matilde, the story that made me passionate about reading

But among my first childhood readings I also have pleasant memories of “Nina, the little girl of the Sixth Moon”, Goosebumps and Geronimo Stilton

Dream in the drawer? I mean the Dream, the one with a capital S … the one so big it seems almost impossible?

I would like to feel useful in the world, so that I can say, in my small way, that I have helped to improve it a little bit. So maybe I could live there more peacefully

How? I’m still understanding it

How important is the cover of a book? Have you ever read a book just because you liked its cover?

It’s bad to admit it, but the cover matters a lot, especially if I’m in an expedition-bookshop. It is clearly the first thing that catches the eye, then there is the title and at that point I read the plot. It is always the latter who decides whether a book will be read by me or not, but certainly the cover acts as a first impression, a bit like when you shake hands with a stranger: at that moment you make an impression of yourself. that person, who can then vary by knowing him more thoroughly. So it is with books!

As a child I read many titles exclusively for the cover, with pleasant surprises. Now I no longer let myself be “fooled” by the shorter time available.

If you look in the mirror carefully, doing a careful self-analysis, who do you see? What do you like about yourself and what would you like to change?

I see deep eyes, which have something important to say, but hidden inside. I see someone who does not yet know who he is and who is working hard to understand and love himself.

Physically I like myself as I am despite the imperfections, maybe I would like to be more straight with my back

Temperamentally, well … Maybe I should focus more on things to accept as they are and learn to live with them, rather than wanting to change them at all costs, continuing to distort myself and no longer able to understand what the real Aurora is.

Kark Lagerfeld said: “I don’t like stock beauty – there is no beauty without some oddity”. What do you think about it? Is there any particularity that makes you strangely special? Any vice / phobia / strangeness that distinguishes you?

I think like Lagerfeld, I personally surround myself with people one more singular than the other, those who when you know them deeply you feel like “ah, and then I would be crazy”.

But I think that living with weirdness is a really complicated challenge, which requires resilience and which can lead to suffering.

I have the oddity of not being able to “move my nose”, it must remain perfectly straight and if by chance the tip is hit on one side, I have to do the same thing on the other to “put it back in place”. I feel a huge discomfort if I don’t, I feel like it stays wrong forever.

When I have a cold it is a bit complicated to blow my nose, I have to be careful not to move it too much. Years ago I also broke it: during the days of waiting for the operation I couldn’t look in the mirror.

I don’t think it makes me special at all, but still I’ve never heard anyone have the same problem

A phrase or quote that represents you?

“You must never be afraid of the other, because you are the other compared to the other”

Andrea Camilleri


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